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Crafts by Study Theme

Free Ladybird or Ladybug Insect Craft

Free Ladybird or Ladybug Insect Craft

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Ladybird or Ladybug Insect Craft
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pipe cleaners for antenna
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Materials Per Student
x1 Plate for the body.
x1 Plate cut in half for the wings
Paints & brushes
x1 Pipe cleaner for the antenna
x2 Coloured and x2 Small black stickers for the eyes.

Teacher Preparation
Cut a plate in half then staple back together as per the photo to make a set of wings.
This is a 2 day craft as it needs to dry completely before adding the eyes and assembling so make sure you have space to lay these out to dry.

In Class - Day 1
For a ladybug: Paint the body black and the wings red.
For an insect: Paint both parts green. I gave my children white paint also as the idea of making colors darker or lighter is still new and exciting for them.
Children will dunk their paint brush into whatever paint is near them, so be careful not to have the black paint physically too close to the light green paint. I ended up with a couple of sludge brown insects along the way.
In Class - Day 2
Teacher to staple the wings to the body. Check the photos above for details. If you angle things correctly when you staple the wings would point upwards nicely.
Students apply eyes.
Students make cuts in the body plate of reinsert legs. Fold these parts down to make the 6 legs.
The antenna was just just fixed using tape in out case, although not the best solution as it come apart quite easily. Stapling might have been a better idea but IU like the kids to do as much as they can themselves.

On Completion
Provide time for them to play with their finished crafts. They loved flying around the room with their insects. They also became space ships, monster faces, frisbees, fighter jets...

Amazon Resources for this Ladybird craft

Colorations Activity Paints Set of 9. As seen in the photos. Easy to clean off children, doesn’t dry up quickly if I forget to put the lid back on.
16 Large Flat and Round Children's Paint Brushes Note these are not the ones in the pictures, which were too long for the students to comfortably use.
Paper Plates 10”
Stapler to hold it all together
Silver Pipe Cleaners Students preferred sparkly antenna
Stickers for eyes

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What’s this called?
The country you are from will determine if you call these Ladybug, Lady Bug, Ladybird, Lady Beetle. Entomologists apparently widely prefer the name ladybird beetles.

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