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The Maths and Numeracy page on the Magic Crayons website offers a range of resources and lesson plans for teaching math to young learners. The page includes interactive games, printable worksheets, and other materials designed to help teachers make math lessons fun and engaging for their students. The page also offers tips and advice for teaching basic math concepts and building numeracy skills, as well as links to other helpful resources and websites.

1. Counting 1-10 Game

  • Introducing Numbers 1-10. To play requires simply a softball.
    1. Stand in a circle holding hands
    2. Kick the softball to, not at, each other
    3. Restart the count if the ball goes outside the circle
    4. Praise students for counting aloud with you

  • Extension
    • This activity can work equally well with counting by 2, by 5, or the alphabet.

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3. Introducing place value

  • Introducing Numbers 1-10

    Introducing place value - Numbers 1 to 10 - with Nimo

4. Addition and subtraction strategies

    • Addition Strategy - Count on by 1, count on by 2, count on by 3, count on by 0, count back by 1,
    • Subtraction Strategy - Cover-ups and Turnaround

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