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Access free English lesson plans for teaching in Japan on The Magic Crayons' website. Our lesson plans are designed to meet the needs of English teachers in Japan and cover a variety of topics suitable for all levels.

With clear objectives and step-by-step instructions, our lesson plans are easy to follow and implement. Read them for free and start using them in your classroom today. Improve your students' English language skills with The Magic Crayons.

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  • Dengo Moshi Stag Beetles in Japanese Schools

    How's your lunch break?

    This will happen to you. Guaranteed. You will be quietly eating your lunch only to be suddenly interupted by "look!" and what ever creepy crawly bug thing the students found at lunch or is kept as a pet will be proudly stuck in your face.

    Featured here are beatles. Typically kept in a glass fish tank in class and fed strawberry jam as best I can tell. The prices of the large ones in a pet shop an reach hefty prices.

  • Lizardy thing

    These creatues get more exciting the further into the countryside you teach.

  • For Kindergarten and Preschool Teachers In Japan of ESL, EFL, and English Students. Lesson Plans, Classroom Behavior Advice, Mums And Toddler Classes, and more.

  • The Magic Crayons are all Kindergarten, Preschool, or International School ESL teachers in Japan. These are the lesson plans they have used or continue to use in their classes.

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