These are the games and songs I typically use with a class of 0-2 year olds. Quite often it can be their first time to use English and may also be the first time to them to see a non Japanese face. I've used them a great many times at Fuji Kindergartenso I feel confident they can work for you!

  • Before you begin: Teaching Tips for 0-2 Year Olds

    For teaching tips please refer to our Toddlers Teachers Guide.
    Additionally, with all the following invest a good amount of time in modelling so the children know exactly what is expected of them once you start a game or song.

  • Songs for 0-2 Year Olds


    The Magic Crayons have written songs with these students in mind. Ride It (otherwise known as the Bicycle Song. Children pretend to be a train, car, bus, bicycle and aiiiiiirplaaaane.
    The Shape Song. Circle, square, triangle, star... shake shake shake! The children and mums can all take part in this and works very well.

    We have 32 wonderful classroom songs for children

  • Crafts for 0-2 Year Olds

    A simple line drawing cut in half or quarters. They then stick this to a coloured back ground. They could then colour it, but I'd go for one that can be decorated with stickers as young ones in Japan know how to do that. Something like a train with round stickers for the wheels etc. It's less messy and doesn't require you to clean up. They can colour it with mum at home. Choose coloured stickers that tie in with the Colours Song. Visit our craft pages, all organised by stuudy theme, for wonderful craft suggestions.

  • Games for 0-2 Year Olds

    The games below we know woprk with 0-2 year olds. Many of ouur other gammes will work well too once you have an understanding of your students.

  • 1. Mirror Mirror


    Pull happy / sad faces into a mirror. Think make u mirror sized, although slightly larger and free standing works better.

  • 2. Fly Swats


    Let the kids do what they aren't normally allowed to :-). Lay some flash cards out across the floor. Call one out, child runs to the correct image and swats it. You might need to say they can only swat it 3 times if it all gets a bit too exciting.

  • 3. Animal Crawl

    Go from one side of the room to the other as an animal of your choice. Frogs - jump, Monkeys - swing, snakes - slide etc.

  • 4. Carry Something

    From point A and put it in a basket at point B.

  • 5. Line Pass

    One or two lines of children and mums. Children pass flash card, stuffed toy, or object from the front of the line to the back. If they (the mums mostly) can say the name of the item as they hold it thats great too. If this were with 5 year olds it would be a "race", but for this age just completing the task earns praise. Everyones a winner and everyone gets a "go". Also, just making two lines is an accomplishment so lots of praise for that.

  • 6. Shape Maker

    Piece of A3 paper in long strips or piece of string. They make a shape of your choice. Quite good if young ones don't want to be separate from their mums as they can do this together.

  • 7. Corners

    Starting with just two flash cards of the above shapes in opposite corners of the room. Have a spare parent/teacher hold each one up high. The children walk / crawl to the one of your choosing. Everyone can do it. Just allow several minutes for everyone to get to the corner.

  • 8. Feed The Bear


    Pick up plastic toy food items and feed the happy / not happy bear. Is it yummy or yucky? The bear is an A3 poster or something similar with a slot cut out where the mouth is. Schools inevitably have lots of plastic food you can use for Yummy items. Use random Yucky objects such as crayons, cups and toy robots.

  • Close

    Young ones always remember the last five minutes very well, so give them all lollipops as they leave. They'll love to see you again :-). Stickers are an absolute winner too.

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