Children's Music Licensing | The Magic Crayons

The Magic Crayons website offers a collection of original children's music that can be used in educational settings or for personal enjoyment. The music is available for licensing, allowing teachers, parents, and others to use it legally and ethically in various settings. The licensing process is straightforward and affordable, and the music is available in digital download format. In addition to the music, the website also offers a wide selection of clip art, flashcards, and other educational resources, all designed to make learning fun and engaging for children of all ages.
  • Song Licensing

    If you wish to use one of our songs in your Youtube videos please purchase a license via Rumblefish, a professional and straightforward to use company that handles all our licensing.

  • Multiple Classrooms

    If you are looking to use our songs in multiple classrooms, by multiple teachers, multiple schools or districts please do so via our Teachers Pay Teachers store. The prices are fantastic value and the terms very clear.