Free Lesson Plans for Dr. Seuss Hop On Pop

Free lesson plans and activities for teaching young children using the book Hop On Pop by Dr. Seuss. This page provides an overview of the book and its themes, as well as suggestions for activities and discussion questions that can be used to help young students learn new vocabulary, improve their reading and writing skills, and develop critical thinking abilities. The lesson plans are designed to be interactive, engaging, and fun, and they can be easily adapted to fit the needs and interests of different learners.

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  • Hop On Pop Lesson Plan - Unit 1

    • Pre-teach the class the words in, on, under by playing action games: you give the command and the kids must follow. For example, sit on the chair, go under the table, put the ball in the box etc.
    • Read pages 2 to 13 to the class, draw attention to the prepositions.
    • Ask questions about the new vocabulary as it comes up, such as pup, cup, mouse, house, all, tall, small, ball, wall and fall.
    • Chain game: The children form a circle and throw a soft ball in sequence saying one word from pages 2 to 13.
    • For homework, have the kids read 2 to 13 and home. What is important for this first lesson of this first book is that you show the kids how to follow the word with their finger and encourage them to 'sound out' rhyming words.
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  • Hop On Pop Lesson Plan - Unit 2

    • Quickly replay the chain game from the first lesson to see how many words the kids remember.
    • Write the key words from pages 14 to 21 on the board. Read them out with the class. It is unlikely that they will understand but it will get their brains working on these new words.
    • Read together, pages 14 to 21. Kids will now be able to attach meaningful pictures to the newly read words.
    • Game: With books closed (to begin with) the teacher calls out random words from these pages and the students must circle the same word on the board. It is up to you to make it competitive or co-operative.
    • For homework: Have the class write around 7 or 8 of the days new words into their notebooks.
  • Hop On Pop Lesson Plan - Unit 3

    • Read pages 22 to 27 to the class. Afterwards, have them read alone, encouraging them to use their fingers and lips to sound out the words. Work with those who finish early to check comprehension and perhaps ask them the spellings of some words.
    • Game: (requires preparation) Have the new words from 22 to 27 written in lower-case on small pieces of card. Arrange these cards end to end to resemble a race track. Include a few blank cards in the track and a starting and finishing line. Each child chooses a car, counter etc. and places it on the starting line. The child throws a dice, says the number, moves X places around the track and when they stop must say (i.e. read) the word to stay on that spot. You can be as strict as you like, if they cannot read it then the go back 1 space etc.
    • Homework: Kids write the words they had difficulty with in the game in their notebooks.
  • Hop On Pop Lesson Plan - Unit 4

    • Read as a group pages 28 to 35.
    • Explain any new and/or difficult words to the class.
    • Game: the kids are going to going to write words and sentences from the above pages on strips on paper and them cut them up into individual letters.
    • In 2 or more teams have the students compete to not only re-arrange them letters into words and then into whole sentences. As this may be difficult they can use their open books for assistance. Hopefully, this will instil a sense of ownership into the story of the book as they then read out what they have arranged. For a challenge, the students could make new sentences such as 'cat sat on hat'.
    • Homework: The kids draw (of their choosing) any 2 pages from the above complete with sentences into their notebooks.
  • Hop On Pop Lesson Plan - Unit 5

    • Quick TPR review of pages 32-33, have the children take the place of 'Dad'.
    • Have the kids read 36 to 41 by themselves. Any words they don't understand, they write into their notebooks. After, the teacher having noticed the difficult words, reads 36 to 41 pausing to explain and expand on these words.
    • Comprehension interview: Ask questions such as "Do you like to talk?", "Is it ok to hop on your pop?" etc. Feel free to make your own too.
    • Homework is to for the children to draw words beside the words they wrote earlier to help them internalise the meaning further.
  • Hop On Pop Lesson Plan - Unit 6

    • From pages 42 to 49, make 3 by 3 or 4 by 4 word bingo sheets for as many students there are in the class. You could also make 2 or 3 templates and then photocopy to ensure multiple winners.
    • Explain to the class before they play that they must read pages 42 to 49 for clues, i.e. creating a need to read.
    • Read as a class then quickly individually.
    • Play the game, the teacher reading words from the book pages, the students checking. Stronger students or early winners can read out the words.
    • For homework: Students write out pages 44 to 47 substituting the names of Brown and pup with their own and their friends.
  • Hop On Pop Lesson Plan - Unit 7

    • From pages 48 to 55, have entire sentences written on slips of paper and pasted on various classroom items or posted on the walls at random locations.
    • The teacher reads from the book pages 48 to 55 in order and the class has to (as a group) move to that part of the room which has that sentence posted up.
      Afterwards, the class reads the same pages in their own books.
    • For homework, the teacher hands out a word search (teacher needs to make) containing about 10 of the days new words.
  • Hop On Pop Lesson Plan - Unit 8

    • This lesson require some teacher preparation. Photocopy but blank out text from pages 56 to 64.
    • Make multiple copies, one set per pair of children.
    • The teacher hands each pair of students the picture only version of pages 56 to 64, not in sequential order.
    • As the teacher reads the story, they must piece together the pictures in the right order.
    • Read through once more to check answers.
    • Individual reading of pages 56 to 64.
    • As the last homework, allow the kids to read as many/any pages they wish.

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