Go Dog Go Lesson Plans for Japanese Kindergarten Teachers

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Activities and resources for teaching the classic children's book by P.D. Eastman. The page includes teaching ideas for before, during, and after reading the book, craft and game suggestions. The page aims to provide educators with engaging and interactive ways to incorporate "Go, Dog. Go!" into their lesson plans.

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  • Go Dog Go Lesson Plan - Unit 1

    • Introduce the book by hiding it and getting the kids to help you find it.
    • Act surprised as if it is new to you and the class.
    • Teacher reads pages 3 to 9.
    • Get class to find and count how many big and little dogs up to 7.
    • Write on board: X big dogs, Y little dogs. Draw attention to the s.
    • Children write pg 6 and 7 in their notebooks.
    • Have the class act out pages 8 and 9, substitute hat for jacket, jeans, pencil etc.
    • Children read pages 3 to 9.
    • As homework children draw pictures corresponding to their notebook text from pages 6 and 7.
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  • Go Dog Go Lesson Plan - Unit 2

    • Prep pages 10 to 17 by inviting kids in and out of the room, have them sit on a chair, on the floor, walk around the room and move up and down like a see-saw.
    • Open the book and encourage them to first find instances of the actions they just did.
    • As they find them, read that page and then repeat the action.
    • Read pages 10 to 17.
    • Assign roles for students such as blue dog, little dog, big dog and have each other read sentences from the book with the corresponding 'dog' having to act out accordingly.
    • Have colour and other words from pages 12 to 17 pre-written on the board.
    • Game: kids read the word from the board, race to find it in the book and when they do, circle it on the board and move onto the next.
    • HW: Kids can copy and two pages from 10 to 17 in their notebooks (complete with pictures)
  • Go Dog Go Lesson Plan - Unit 3

    • Have the class or individual students take turns to read from pages 3 to 17. Encourage reading aloud so you can gauge their pronunciation and skills. Help where necessary.
    • Read pages 18 to 25 to the class. Ask questions about certain pages such as what colour, is it big or small, what's this etc.
    • Have certain sentences pre-written on the board from these pages. See if the children comprehend by getting them to draw the corresponding picture. If it is too difficult, they can then look at their books.
    • For homework, kids write pages 19, 22 and 23. Have them read it back to you next week.
  • Go Dog Go Lesson Plan - Unit 4

    • Pretend that your book is missing and get kids to help you find it by asking is it over the..under the..on the.. Etc.
    • As a group read together pages 26 to 31.
    • TPR actions for pages 26 to 27, substitute text as necessary.
      Game: the teacher has certain incomplete sentences from 28 to 31 on the board.
    • Students can use their books if they need to to fill in the gaps and then read back the sentences.
    • HW: assign silent reading at home for pages 26 to 31.
  • Go Dog Go Lesson Plan - Unit 5

    • Check the last lesson's homework by asking random students to read certain pages.
    • Read pages 32 to 37 to the class.
    • Play hangman for new words such as play, work, boat, party, night etc.
    • Students read 32 to 37, and then in pairs one students reads while the other student acts out as in Play, dogs, play. They can change dogs for the students name
    • Students choose 6 or 7 pages of their liking from 3 to 37 as homework.
  • Go Dog Go Lesson Plan - Unit 6

    • To check homework and review, read pages 3 to 37 to the class.Afterwards, have the students read silently the same pages.
    • Close the books and ask random questions to check comprehension and spelling. For this you can split the class into teams, have the class play against you and make use of the board.
    • As a challenge, assign the reading of pages 38 to 45 for homework.
  • Go Dog Go Lesson Plan - Unit 7

    • Read together the homework, pages 38 to 45.
    • To the class read pages 46 to 55.
    • You, the teacher, mime certain parts or sentences from 46 to 55, see if the class can respond with words, or even more complete sentences such as "go down", "dogs at play", "get up, it is day".
    • Students write pages 52 and 53 in their notebooks, and draw their own pictures for homework.
  • Go Dog Go Lesson Plan - Unit 8

    • Ask questions about page 53 to see if students can predict where the dogs are going, get them to draw on the board some places, e.g park, pool etc.
    • Have written pages 55 to 57 on the board and see if the students can read, then go and read those actual pages from the book together.
    • Read 58-59 to them and ask "what us up there on top of that tree?". Build up some excitement before revealing pages 60-61.
    • As a quick game, split the class groups, as many as they are coloured dogs. Each coloured group has 1 minute to look at these 2 pages and then they have to write on the board "There are 10 blue dogs on top of the tree and 3 blue dogs under the tree" for example.
    • Read and act out the last 3 pages, 62 to 64.

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