Classroom Behavior Management Cool Down Cubes

Practical Teaching Advice from English Teachers in Japan.

Manage behavior effectively with our fun and engaging tool, perfect for children to regulate their emotions. Ideal for parents, educators, and therapists, our cubes come in a variety of colors and are a must-have for anyone working with kids. Discover the benefits of this behavior management tool on our website.

The Magic Crayons

How to use in class

  • I create a tub of cool down cubes as seen in the picture.
  • When I see a child with known behavioral issues becoming stressed or agitated, I place this on their desk.
  • The student then takes a cube and carries out the recommended action.
  • Hopefully over time the student becomes familiar with all the suggestions on the cubes, and is able to calm themselves down without it.
  • I can give the student the cubes without disrupting the overall flow of my lesson.
  • The student independently can choose a solution to their problem.
  • Over time the student learns the self-control techniques and would no longer require the cubes.
  • It is non-confrontational.
  • I can ask other teachers for ideas to write on the cubes.
    • Positive self talk
    • Go for a walk
    • Stop & Think
    • Ask for help
    • Count to ten
    • Write it down
    • Walk away
    • Go outside
    • Tell Teacher
    • Take a timeout
    • Deep breathe
    • Journal
    • Play sport
    • Squeeze stress ball
    • Talk it out
    • Draw & Color

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