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Optical Illusions Science Activity | Digital Download

Optical Illusions Science Activity | Digital Download

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19 Fantastic Optical Illusions for Maths and Science Centers, Warm Up Activities, Christmas, Science Fairs, or just for fun. Great for kids, and just as much fun for adults too.

The Download
  • 19 Optical illusions - 1 per page.
  • Student quiz sheet.
  • Teachers answer key.
  • All pages are in landscape format for projectors / screens.
  • Clip art - 19 black and white png files at 300dpi.
  • All graphics are digitally drawn by myself to give you crisp clean images.

Optical illusions featured: 
  • Ponzo illusion.
  • Kanizsa triangle.
  • Ebbinghaus illusion.
  • Cafe wall illusion.
  • Blivet (or devils fork).
  • Hering illusion.
  • Grid illusion.
  • Illusory contours or subjective contours.
  • Impossible objects.
  • Muller-Lyer illusion.
  • Necker cube illusion.
  • Penrose triangle.
  • Vertical-horizontal illusion.
  • Zollner illusion.
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