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Fish Tank Art Craft | Digital Download

Fish Tank Art Craft | Digital Download

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Printed in Black & white for students to color:
  • Aquarium tank
  • Air pump, with bubbles
  • Gravel
  • Heater
  • Plant
  • Fish - callicto, guppy, platy and tetra. Additional spaces for children to draw the fish themselves.

  • Fish tank item image, text, space for student to write item name

Clip Art - create your own additional content if required
  • Fish
  • Aquarium tank elements

My 4-6 year old ESL students loved this craft, excitedly running back and forth between our fish tank and their desk to make sure it was all done “just right”. They were so excited after school that I ended up inviting all the parents in to see the fish and to listen to their children tell them all about it.

The Craft
All printouts are black and white as your students will be coloring these themselves by observing the fish in your class.

The Worksheet
You may need to customise these to match the fish you have. I’d recommend getting at least one that looks like Nemo if you can.

Fish Tank Word Game
You can use this as a fun introduction to new vocabulary and is one of those rare games that can be played equally by children of any language ability.

  • Print one word sheet per student, plus one for yourself.
  • Chop words into strips (with a guillotine is fastest)
  • Sit with all the children in a circle with the word strips all shuffled in a heap in the centre.
  • Call out a word eg “Guppy”.
  • Using chopsticks the children pick up the word strip.
  • If you don’t have chopsticks then paint brushes or long pencils will sufice.
  • Once you have played a few rounds ask random students to call out a word.

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  • Fish tank craft water


    A nice eay sdtart - colour in the water blue.

  • Seaweed, fish and glue


    Cut out and glue down the fishes

  • English vocabulary fish tank craft

    Cut & Paste

    Focused independent work.

  • Fishes, water purifier craft

    Fish Tanks

    Finished examples

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