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Technology in the Classroom and Teacher Resources Blog

Technology in the Classroom and Teacher Resources Blog

FREE Summer School Games and Activities

Fun outdoor games requiring minimal preparation and materials
Summer School and Summer Camp Water Games
The Games
  1. Soak The Teacher
  2. Shaving Cream Shoot Off
  3. Splash Tag
  4. Water Revenge
  5. Wet Relay
  6. Rainy Relay
  7. Splatt
  8. Don't Be A Drip!
  9. Foot Freeze
  10. Water Limbo
  11. Water Based Over And Under Game
  12. Sponge Me
  13. Fill The Bottle Race
  14. Head Shape

These and many other great games are free from The Magic Crayons
All games have been tried and tested at various Summer Schools and Summer Camps, 2yr olds through Elementary. Expect much hilarity and to get thoroughly soaked !
Head to our >Games >Water page for full details of how to play.
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I am an IB Teacher Librarian / IT Tech Training and Design Teacher from the UK working in Japan. I create all the artwork and videos for the teaching materials within this website, Teachers Pay Teachers and YouTube. New products and special offers will be announced here first. Everything I post is about products or services that I use in my own classes and schools.
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