UGC Video Maker Required

UGC Video Maker Required

Into cycling, construction vehicles, or police cars? Do you like what I do? Would I like what you do? I am looking for a creative partner to create social media content for our gift line.

  • Required: 4x 1-minute videos each featuring one of four cycling t-shirts or Cycling Jerseys (16x9, 9x16, square) either direct sell in foreground, or as indirect lifestyle placement.
  • Payment: Flat fee per 4 product videos plus affiliate sales (Initially 10% of store price).
  • Your ideas would count. I would like you to grow with us. 
  • Video payments would be made via Backstage
  • Affiliate payments via UpPromote.
  • Please apply via Backstage.

Thank you

Mr Tim

The Magic Crayons




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