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Cycling in Japan. My camera gear, Bianchi bike accessories, and electronics

Shibuya Scramble Crossing at night Insta360

Last updated: November 10th, 2023

All the gear below I use to record my cycling videos in Japan, along with the bike accessories and electronics. If you have any gear questions please do ask in the comments. Likewise, if there are any places you'd like me to take my cameras in Kanagawa or Tokyo please me know.

Camera Gear - Insta360

Insta360 ONE X2

  • Insta360 ONE X2 (Amazon)
  • Cycling in Japan Videos (YouTube) made with X2
  • I remain very impressed. Ease of use is key and above all it's fun and doesn't interrupt my cycling. I press record as I leave my house, and press stop when I return about 2-5 hours later. Sure, I miss the colors and clarity of my GoPro10 but I would never catch the moments I do with that camera. Highly recommended.

 Insta360 Third-Person/Invisible Bike Handlebar Mount for ONE X2, X3 & ONE R/RS

I picked up the Insta360 X2 once its price became reduce after the release of the X3. I could not see any significant visual gains purchasing the X3 and I remain delighted with my results.  

  • Insta360 ONE X2 (Amazon).
  • Bike Handlebar Mount. Note that the Insta360 Studio software removes the selfie stick from the video (Amazon).
  • Lens Cap¬†(Amazon).
  • SD Card: SanDisk SDXC UHS-1 U3 V30 4K Ultra HD 256GB Micro¬†(Amazon)
  • Selfie Stick (Amazon).
  • Power Bank¬†- Anker Nano.¬†This pack charges the camera faster than the camera consumes power. In other words, the camera can be flat but you can plug in the pack and begin recording and while doing so it will charge up the battery¬†(Amazon).


Camera Gear - GoPro

  • GoPro Hero 10 which includes built in GPS. Note that the Hero 12 does not have GPS which may be an issue if you wish¬†to use telemetry overlays in your cycling videos (Amazon).
  • SD Card: SanDisk Extreme Pro MicroSDXC 256GB U3 A2 V30¬†(Amazon).
  • GoPro Media Mod with excellent built in windshield¬†(Amazon).
  • GoPro Mount¬†(Review):¬†KOM Quick Release¬†(Amazon).
  • GoPro Settings: 4k 60fps Linear Plus, built in mic with Media Mod.


Bike Gear

  • Bike: Bianchi Infinito XE. I bought as listed as an endurance bike, which is exactly what I want to use it for and matches my body shape.
  • Water Bottle Cages¬†(Review). Specifically chosen to hold Japanese vending machine water bottles (Amazon).
  • Wheels: Hunt 4454 Aerodynamicist Carbon Disc Wheelset (Link).
  • Bicycle pump. Samuriding SIG-FP006 Bicycle Pump¬† (Amazon).
  • Bicycle Cover: Cr√©er 210D-300D¬†(Amazon).
  • Top Tube Bag¬†(Review).¬† (Amazon).
  • Cycle Jersey¬†(Review): Custom Jakroo Cycle Jersey¬†(Amazon).


Bike Electronics 

  • Rear Bike Light¬†(Review): ENFITNIX Cubelite II (Amazon).
  • Front Bike Light¬†(Review): TOWILD Bicycle Light, Review (Amazon).
  • iPhone Holder¬†(Review): Lamicall (Amazon).
  • Heart Rate Monitor: COOSPO Bluetooth (Amazon).
  • Cadence Meter: Wahoo (Amazon).
  • Bike Computer: Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM GPS (Amazon).
  • Power Meter¬†(Review): FAVERO Assioma Duo Power Meter Pedals (Amazon).



  • Casio G-Shock GA-B2100 Japan Release (Amazon).


Cycling Videos


Gifts for cyclists


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