English, ESL, EFL Flash Cards. Also in Spanish and Japanese

ESL English Language Resources for Teachers

ESL English Language Resources for Teachers

Flash Cards

For ESL and EFL - UK & USA Spelling - Also available in Spanish and Japanese

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English ESL EFL Language Flash Cards
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English Flash Card Teaching Tips

For use in classrooms to support our songs and games we created these exclusive flash cards for children. They are also available in Japanese and Spanish. The clip art is available separately. These cards can naturally be displayed as fantastic wall displays too. All packs are high resolution .pdf file format.

When asking students to identify them the response you seek will depend on their ability. A simple response would be "T-Shirt" or "Cap". A higher level one would be "It's yellow and blue t-shirt" or "It's a blue baseball cap".
As a rule I listen to what they give me first, then try and illicit a higher one. I have included American and English spellings. On that subject, I have sat in many a meeting where teachers from both countries discuss deeply which one to teach to their students. In my experience students are perfectly able to learn both, indeed find it quite fun to point these differences out to their parents. It's a good opportunity to illustrate cultural differences too.
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