TOWILD CL1200 Front Bicycle Light Review

TOWILD CL1200 Front Bicycle Light Review

The TOWILD CL1200 front light on a KOM bracket, with wireless remote on the handlebars.

Two very specific reasons for buying this light. Firstly there is 3 km stretch near my home that is all uphill, which after the 95 km that preceded it I don't feel like riding, so I go on the pavement. The path os surrounded on both sides by over hanging trees dn at night I cannot see the tree roots that  breakthrough the tarmac. Second, I've left the GPS running on my Ipphone before so carry a spare battery.
  • I really like having the light centred above the front wheel.
  • The mount is a GoPro style, so during the day I can easily switch the light with my GoPro, or put GoPro in my pocket when I need to leave the bike unattended while shopping.
  • Have only used the pulse mode at dusk and it’s very effective.
  • I’ve used it at full power on the way home and it will for sure dazzle cars coming at you, so I now avoid using it on the pavement when facing traffic.
  • It has a pulse mode which I had assumed would be like the daylight bikes I see, but it is more suited to night time. I’ll re-read the instructions on that.
TOWILD CL1200 Front Bicycle Light


  • The full 1200 Lumen beam is only on when holding the button down on the remote. For travelling through woods at night or something I guess that would be a little annoying, but in town it's fine. 
  • I'd assumed the remote would be a nice gimmicky extra, but in fact I find it easier to change light settings withit than touching the unit.

  • Build quality is excellent. Nice tough metal case and waterproof.
  • Big 4000mAh battery. I specifically purchased this model as I am able to charge any device via USB with the unit. I've forgotten to turn GPS off on my iPhone before, so having this battery is reassuring to have. Also, not need to carry separate spare battery at all.


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