Enfitnix Cubelite ii Smart Bicycle Tail Light Review

Enfitnix Cubelite ii Smart Bicycle Tail Light Review

Why buy a Enfitnix Cubelite ii


I cycle during the day from Machida to Enoshima, central Tokyo, or Hakone. I never have the intention of cycling in the dark but I have been caught out before when I had to fix a puncture or a storm was passing through and it become very overcast. IN winter it can suddenly decide to become gloomy too after 2pm.


Modes that appeal to me, and why I bought the device

  • Automatically turns on when it gets unexpectedly dark, specifically tunnels. Japanese tunnels are not nice.
  • Become brighter when it detects braking (I’ve not been able to test this yet)
  • Turns off when a car light shines on it to maximise the reflector.
  • Turns on when light is low at dusk
  • Turns itself on and off as required. I just need to charge it and not buy batteries that may leak (see: reasons for buying a new front light)


Enfitnix Cubelite ii


  • It’s smaller than expected! Ok, so yes the measurements were probably provided at 2.5cm x 3cm. More of me being used to old battery powered lights with bulbs in than a modern LED rechargeable



  • The clip to mount the bike directly under the saddle - I don’t use.
  • The clip that attaches the light to the saddle stem. See photos - I did for a while then realised that the saddle bag vibrates its way down the stem until the light is partially concealed. I noticed on a bike that went passed me that there is a clip on the bad itself! Nice. That’s where the light now lives.

In the box

  • Really great packaging! A couple of rubber bands and plastic ties so you can securely fasten the light. Instruction book was very useful.
  • Charging is via USB, so joins the pile of other electronics on my desk that are usb powered. I’ll need to be sure in the summer when I go travelling to take sufficient adapters to charge everything up.



  • Yes!
  • I really do like that is in a metal water resistant case. The USB connector is nicely protected and easy to open and reseal.
  • It’s really bright! Don’t accidentally look directly at it close up lol.
  • Turning on at the beginning of the ride is a matter of pressing one button. I didn’t touch it all day as it knows when I am cycling or when I am resting.

ENFITNIX USB Rechargeable Smart Bike Tail Light

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