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Japanese Days of the Week Flash Cards | Digital Download

Japanese Days of the Week Flash Cards | Digital Download

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Includes Vocabulary, Calendar Cards, and Poster. 

Japanese Days of the Week - Hiragana

  • 22 Flash Cards
  • 22 Calendar Cards
  • 1 Poster
The Days of the Week
  • Sunday にちようび
  • Monday げつようび
  • Tuesday かようび
  • Wednesday すいようび
  • Thursday もくようび
  • Friday きんようび
  • Saturday どようび
Additional vocabulary for sentence practice
  • Today きょう
  • Tomorrow あした
  • Yesterday きのう
  • Month がつ
  • Year いちねん
  • Weekend しゅうまつ
  • Week しゅう
  • this morning けさ
  • this evening こんばん
  • now いま
  • the day before yesterday おととい
  • the day after tomorrow あさって
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