Car, Bus, Rocket, Train Craft

For ESL EFL English Students in Japanese Kindergartens and Preschools. How to guide, gallery, templates, and the materials required. Teaching tips.
  • The class

    Wow, my kids were so excited about this craft that I had to share some these photos with you. They made a Super Jet Rocket Space Car (their title), a London Bus, a Steam Train, and a Racing Car. I think they could have made these all day. Once I modelled how to make the first one, I could happily leave them to get on it with.

    Materials per student

    • Car, Bus and Train template. 
    • Scissors
    • Glue stick.
    • x2 Wheels per vehicle. A toilet roll cut into strips or a strip of craft paper rolled up twice and stapled. Then cut half way through the centre to make a slot that will support the vehicle.

    Materials for the class.

    • Cover tables with plastic sheets or large bin bags.
    • Ink pads.
    • Wet wipes - less messy for the school as a whole than having the students running back and forth between the class and bathroom every time they change inkpads. 
  • The lesson

    • The children should have no need to leave their seats during the craft.
    • Songs: The Ride It Song by The Magic Crayons. Lyrics are Train, Car, Bus, Bicycle, Airplane.

    To make

    • Print the template onto thick A4 paper. When folded in half it should be rigid.
    • Colour the Train. We used inkpads. Crayons, glitter, pencils etc are just as suitable.
    • Turn over, glue, fold in half.
    • Cut out the Train.
    • Add 2 wheels.
    • As with all crafts, make one yourself first before presenting it to the class.
    • Allow time after the craft has been made for the children to play with their new toys.
    • Create an exhibition outside the classroom for parents to see.
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