Techne 39.5mm Merlin Quartz Aviator 246.022 Watch Review

Techne 39.5mm Merlin Quartz Aviator 246.022 Watch Review

Techne 39.5mm Merlin Quartz Aviator Watch

If you are a fan of military-style aviator designs, you have hit the jackpot with the Techne 39.5mm Merlin Quartz Aviator Watch. With a timeless aura and versatile function it is one of the most coveted men’s watches under $300! You can wear it on a trip to the beach or while hosting a pool party with friends in the sweltering climate.


Don’t ever be late

Swiss movement ensures correct timekeeping, so you are never late for an important meeting at the office! To keep you perfectly on schedule, it has weekday, date, and independent time zone functions (dual times).


Extremely sturdy

The face material is hardened mineral crystal, while the casing is made of stainless steel, which makes it all the more durable. The ballistic nylon strap closely resembles those used by the Ministry of Defense during WWII. Adjust it for a more comfortable fit.


Attractive dial design

This navigation watch has a broad dial with wide luminous indexes and hands. The dial itself is matte black, while the numbers and hands are in white, thus offering a dynamic contrast.


Great battery life

The battery moves both the main hands and those found on the triple sub-dials and has a lifespan of 32 months.


Hacking feature

The hack feature dates back to when it was used to synchronize military watches in the 1940’s. It allows you to stop the movement at will – the seconds hand and other movement halts immediately.


Water resistant

With water resistance up to 50 meters you can take a dip in the pool or even go swimming in the sea – this watch is quite outdoorsy!

So what are you waiting for? Make this watch a part of your collection right away – it is suave, smart, and compliments your personality. It makes an excellent gift as well. Buy now!



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