Momentum Vortech GMT 1M-SP58L1B Watch Review

Momentum Vortech GMT 1M-SP58L1B Watch Review

Momentum Men's 1M-SP58L1B Vortech GMT Analog Display Swiss Quartz Black Watch

If you are looking for a stylish yet durable watch that is built to last, then the Momentum Men's Vortech GMT Black Watch is precisely what you are looking for!


Sapphire Crystal Dial

While you can opt for the regular mineral glass dial that is sufficiently tough, it is best to upgrade to the ultra-hard sapphire crystal if the watch needs to withstand more wear than usual. Sapphire crystal is extremely scratch-resistant so the surface is protected and you can check the time without hassle.


Apt for Everyday Use

This watch comes with a black rubber strap that has tiny grooves on the under side. Made of natural rubber, it is strong and quite flexible. To get rid of the rubbery smell of the material, a hint of vanilla essence is blended into the rubber, so the aroma is always pleasant. It can withstand elements, so you can wear this highly durable watch on all kinds of outdoor adventures.


Water Resistance

The titanium case of the watch remains unharmed while coming into contact with water. It has a water resistance of up to 100 meters, so you don’t have to take it off while going for a swim!


Ideal Travel Watch

Worried you might miss your flight if you can’t wake on time? Have an early morning meeting? This watch is equipped with an alarm that utilizes a ceramic resonator to rouse you from the soundest sleep. A legible GMT hand tracks a second time zone in the form of a 24-hour scale around the outer edge of the dial.



This is one of the best men’s watches under $300, which makes it a superb choice when it comes to gifting someone on birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc. You can add a personal touch by getting it engraved with a name, birth date, or short message, within 20 characters!

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