Jack Mason Divers Watch Review JM-D103-002

Jack Mason Divers Watch Review JM-D103-002

Jack Mason Black Diver Watch JM-D101-019

If you are fond of watches in monochromatic tones, you have the hit the prize with the Jack Mason Black Diver Watch!


Sleek Design

Prefer a simple yet classic design sans any frills? The Diver 42 mm is right up your alley as it is an extraordinary take on the characteristic technical watch. It features a stainless-steel case, black rotating bezel and screw-down crown. 


Stellar Legibility

There is no point in getting a watch if you are unable to see the time at a single glance. This watch has a high gloss black dial that not only enhances aesthetic appeal but features Swiss Super-Luminova markings so you can see them clearly. Even when it is dark, you don’t have any difficulty in checking the time.


Mineral Crystal Dial

The surface of the dial is protected using mineral crystal that prevents it from getting scratched or nicked.


Japanese Quartz Movement

The watch is incorporated with Japanese quartz mechanism that always gives the exact time, thus ensuring superior accuracy. You won’t miss an appointment or meeting again. A date slot is included for convenience as well.


Excellent Water Resistance

If you are an ardent water sports enthusiast, this timepiece is perfectly suited for you! You don’t have to take it off while going for scuba diving, snorkelling, or a dip in the waters, as this watch as been tested for water resistance up to a whopping 300 meters! No wonder it is known as the Diver Watch!


Black NATO Nylon Strap

The 22 mm solid NATO strap is extremely durable and flexible as it is crafted with ballistic nylon webbing. It is fitted with quick release pins and can be interchanged with any Jack Mason 22mm strap.

One of the best men’s watches under $300 – don’t miss this opportunity to order!



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