Full English Breakfast in Ginza, 360° Video

Full English Breakfast in Ginza, 360° Video

I cycled 85 km to eat a superb English breakfast of fried bread (not toast!), mushrooms, Heinz baked beans, tomato, scrambled egg, a green leaf thing, sausage, coffee with separate milk. Smiley staff and cooked really nicely too at the Ginza branch of World Breakfast Allday. I shall return again for sure!

They have other restaurants in Gaienmae and Kichijoji. The English breakfast is always available, plus a monthly special. January will be Poland, for example. 7:30-8pm everyday. 

It was lovely clear skies for the whole ride to Ginza. The cafe is 5 mins walk off the Ginza high street (map). I'm totally sure that the calories burned over the ride exceeded those I ate. Yes. For sure.

It was cold out but my Workman gear is holding up very well. 

World Breakfast Allday - Menu, Location, Store, etc.


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