Recording and Editing Gear To Make Cycling Videos

Recording and Editing Gear To Make Cycling Videos

Amazon Prime 2024. All the video recording kit that I currently take out on my bike with me, plus my home studio essentials. My buying criteria are that the camera should record all day with minimal upkeep from me, so I can enjoy the ride. Recording in 360 means I do all the composing in post-production. I found that although a GoPro gave me higher-quality images, it mostly missed everything I wanted to record. With my current setup, I can also choose whether the video shows me, the road, or both.

My Cycling videos:


Bike mounted gear

Insta360 Camera X2. I have yet to be convinced the X4 would be a worthy upgrade.

Insta360 bicycle mount. My only gripe is that despite appearances it is not possible to fit a GoPro to the GoPro like mount. Rather than use the carbon fibre rod I use an invisible stick to give me more recording angle options on and off the bike.

SanDisk Extreme Pro 256GB MicroSD. I can record a whole days ride without the need to change or manage cards. 

Insta360 GPS Action Remote Control. Bought out of necessity and frustration. The latest Insta360 doe snot work with the X2. I use it to add gps data to insta360 video, although I've yet to get it to display correctly in the app Telemetry Overlay. A big plus however is that I do not need to have my phone one while the X2 is recording.

Portable Storage Case for Insta360. Bought specifically as it will protect the camera without having to unscrew the invisible stick

GORIX (B14) Top Tube Bag. For camera and iphone batteries.


Studio Gear

Sennheiser HD 25 Headphones. Deliciously comfortable to wear and sound wonderful during editing.

SanDisk SSD, External 4 TB. I record up to 250GB of cycle video which I edit in Final Cut. Project files get large quickly and file management gets to be a pain and out grows my iMac hard drive. I simply use this external SSD drive for speed, then back up to a regular external drive later.

Cup Warmer. Bought three more of these as gifts for friends. A mug of always hot coffee always on your desk during editing. Essential!



  • Final Cut Pro
  • Insta360 Video
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