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Superlatives Word Wall Display Classroom Poster | Digital Download

Superlatives Word Wall Display Classroom Poster | Digital Download

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How are you? I'm Fine Thank You. Never Again. If you have ever taught an ESL class to new students, young or old, and asked them: How are you? Then you will know that the most common answer ever is: I'm fine thank you. Or worse: Imfinethankyou.

20 Superlative style responses.

  • super-duper
  • awesome
  • fabulous
  • magnificent
  • lovely
  • great
  • super
  • wonderful
  • excellent
  • fantastic
  • marvelous
  • amazed
  • magnificent
  • tremendous
  • superb
  • terrific
  • brilliant
  • splendid
  • astounding
  • incredible

I made these wall cards for my adult learners and they proved to be just as effective with children.

Display the posters prominently so they may be referred to during conversations or dialogue practice.

Whenever a student responds with imfinethankyou, or whatever their default answer is, pretend you can't hear them and look towards this poster.

Keep it upbeat and fun and the students will soon be expanding their vocabulary.

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