Desktop Coffee Warmer. Perfect Teacher Appreciation Day Gift

Desktop Coffee Warmer. Perfect Teacher Appreciation Day Gift

A Smart Coffee Cup Warmer. (Amazon #Ad). With timer and temperature controls, mug lid, mains power, and auto shut-off. One of those rare products you maybe, like myself, didn't realise existed but once you do - oh my.  I've bought 1 for my school desk, 1 for my desk at home, and 1 for a fellow teacher already and likely a couple more at Christmas for my fellow teachers. Absolutely fantastic.

  • In the morning I set the timer to turn off in 8 hours.
  • Of the heat settings available 158F / 70C seems best. The hotter setting when there's only a small amount of coffee left in my mug smells a little burnt. Whether it's F or C displayed probably depends in which country you buy it from. I haven't read the manual to check.
  • There's a lid for the top of a coffee mug supplied so if I have to go and cover someones class my coffee is still hot when I return.
  • Tip: When removing the rubber mug lid be sure to drag it off across the top, rather than just lifting it else it will dribble coffee all over your keyboard.
  • This model is relatively sensible looking but suited my desk. Some cup warmers come with a kitten mug, or are shaped like cats.

Teacher Appreciation Day Gift Coffee Mug Warmer

Highly recommended as a Teacher Gift. Be sure to forward this link to the PTA near Teacher Appreciation Week ;-)

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