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"Witch on a Broom" by Julia Donaldson is a delightful story that will captivate young readers with its imaginative storyline and engaging illustrations. The story follows a friendly witch who loses some of her belongings during a ride on her broomstick, but with the help of some kind animal friends, she retrieves her lost items and makes new friends along the way.

This book offers many educational benefits to young readers. The rhyming text helps to develop phonological awareness, and the repetition of certain phrases encourages children to join in with the story. The illustrations are colorful and detailed, providing opportunities for children to practice their observation skills and learn about different animals and their habitats. The story also promotes kindness and friendship, teaching children valuable lessons about helping others and making new friends.

Overall, "Witch on a Broom" is a wonderful addition to any child's library, and parents and teachers can use it as a tool to foster a love of reading and learning in young children.

Room on teh Broom, Julia Donaldson. Read Aloud Video

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