Songs about Family Members

For ESL, English and Kindergarten Classrooms

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Mothers Little Shokka

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Notes: Use fingers to represent family members (thumb=daddy, first finger= mummy, second finger= brother etc.). During the “gunfighter stance” part, make as if you are going for your guns in a high noon western, twitch your fingers, stare your students in the eye etc. Then “quick draw” the appropriate finger during the singing part. Be careful where you point brother…

Where Is Daddy? x2
…(gunfighter stance)…
Here Is Daddy x2


Where is family? x2
Daddy x2, Mummy x2, Brother x2, Sister x2, Baby x2, Family x2!!!

The Magic Crayons

Grandpa Morris

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Notes: Repeat the song structure with the emotions, use an action for each emotion. Use a family card or a girl/boy card with the emotions cards to teach the concept of “he’s” and “she’s” beforehand. Really go for it on the “Meh!” as the kids get into this (imagine Grandpa Morris is complaining…about everything…).

How’s Grandma? x2
She’s Hot! x2
How’s Grandpa? x2
He’s Cold! x2
Meh! x4


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