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Japanese flash cards for shapes

Flash card pack in Japanese for shapes.
The Japanese for heart on a flash card
Japanese Flash Cards - Shapes
まる / circle
ダイヤモンド / diamond
ハート / heart
だえんけい / oval
ちょうほうけい / rectangle
せいほう / square
ほし / star 1
ほし / star 2
さんかく / triangle
5かくけい / pentagon
6かくけい / hexagon
7かくけい / heptagon
8かくけい / octagon
9かくけい / nonagon
10かくけい / decagon

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Flash card pack in Japanese for shapes.

English flash cards

American and UK spelling included.
Clothing - Free
2D Shapes
Transport and vehicles

Japanese flash cards

Clothing - Free
Food and cutlery
2D Shapes
Transport and vehicles

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