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Science Craft Sound Sandwich Noise Maker

Sound Sandwich Noise Maker

Fun and simple to make. Sounds just like a Cicada, Cicale or Semi as they are known in Japan. The real insects make noise up to 120 db, and my 4-6 year olds seemed to try their best to exceed that.

The sound is made from the vibrations of the rubber bands between the two large wooded popsicle sticks, like air passing over your vocal chords.

I did this activity with my regular 4-6 year old ESL students at an international school in Tokyo. I had just as much fun with my 9 year olds one summer afternoon too. I focused on having fun making an instrument with younger classes, but with older students you can begin to focus on how sound waves work. This really is one of those rare activities that suits all ages. A number of teachers from my school even dropped in to make one for fun. Give as a birthday present !
The instructions are straightforward and clear, in easily identifiable steps, and illustrated with colour photos.

You will need the following per student:

3 page set of instructions, (stapled together to keep them in sequence!)
2 Large lollipop sticks
2 Small rubber bands
1 Large rubber band
1 Straw
1 Pen
1 Pair of scissors

From experience I’d recommend checking in advance that the class next door has not scheduled a quiet reading or writing session

Amazon Resources - Noise Maker

Note: Be sure that the large rubber bands you buy are shorter than your popsicle sticks.
Materials: Giant Lollipop / Popsicle Sticks, Large diametre Straws, Rubber bands (large and small), Pen.

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Sound Sandwich Noise Maker Science Maths Project

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