Photo: Mr Tim/Japanese PreSchool.

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Enhance your English lessons with our themed Flash Cards! Organized by study theme and featuring fun and clear illustrations, our Flash Cards are perfect for ESL and EFL teachers working in Japan and international schools. Grab your set today and make learning English fun and engaging!

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  • Shapes Flash Cards with Mum and Toddler Classes in Japan

    Flash Cards - Mum & Toddler Classes

    After Mr Tim introduces the shapes flash cards, to the mums as much as the students, the child is required to place the toy on top of the correct card. I'm allowing the mum to help build the childs confidence, and I'm not expecting much language production in the first few lessons.

  • Flash Cards - Junior School Student Classes

    After introducing the flash cards they are arranged on a table. Students are to walk sensibly around the table with their hands on their head until I call a card. First to slap the card "wins". Once the rules are understood then let the "winner" call out a card. For extra engagement periodically call a card that isn't there.

  • ESL English Clothing Flash Cards - Socks

    Clothing Flash Cards - Socks

    Always look for opportunities for students to take the lead and speak in English. Here after a few weeks of Mr Tim introducing the cards the student knows how to sit on the chair and introduce them to his peers. Expect students to cutely mimic all your manerisms.

  • ESL English Clothing Flash Cards - Blue Shirt

    Clothing Flash Cards - Shirt

    The student here is trying the classic "shuffle shuffle shuffle" before revealing the next flash card for us to learn.

    When laminating flash cards ensure that the corners are rounded and not sharp.

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