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Clip Art - Optical Illusions

Optical Illusions Quiz & Clip Art

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Product Description

19 Fantastic Optical Illusions for maths and science centres, warm ups, or just for fun. Try one now for yourself !

The Download

• 19 Optical illusions - 1 per page
• Student quiz sheet
• Teachers answer key
• All pages are in landscape format for projectors / screens.
• Clip art - 19 black and white png files at 300dpi


• Fantastic activity for parents day or school events.
• Fun Warm Up or Centre for an engaging numeracy or science lessons - Large and Small, Comparisons, Estimation.
• None of the images included have been copied and pasted from google ! All graphics are digitally drawn by myself to give you crisp clean images.
• High resolution pdfs - print as large as you like.
• 19 Optical illusion clip art graphics at 300dpi, black and white.
• Ponzo illusion
• Kanizsa triangle
• Ebbinghaus illusion
• Cafe wall illusion
• Blivet (or devils fork)
• Hering illusion
• Grid illusion
• Illusory contours or subjective contours
• Impossible objects
• Muller-Lyer illusion
• Necker cube illusion
• Penrose triangle
• Vertical-horizontal illusion
• Zollner illusion
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Clip Art Terms of Use

Last updated: August 2019
Classroom use
• Yes, please use the clip art to create wonderful items for use in your classes.

Commercial use
• Yes, you may use the clip art to create commercial products for sale in Teachers Pay Teachers.
• You must include a link back to my TpT store (new from 2019) within any TpT products that you create.
• It's not a requirement but I am more than happy to post links to your products in The Magic Crayons Blog or Pinterest pages

You may not
• You may not resell or give away in any form my clip art as is, or unflattened, in TpT, Etsy, stores, websites, blogs or similar.
• Others should not be able to copy the artwork from your products, blog, webpage, social media page or similar.
• Do not use to create flash cards or replicas of any other products we sell in Teachers Pay Teachers, Etsy, TimSensei, The Magic Crayons, Zazzle and so on. (I create flash cards with my clip art so that I can test in classrooms that it is clear and engaging for students prior to offering the clip art for sale).
• Not for physical products, such as mugs, phone cases, t-shirts, books, brochures, teachers guides, and so on. Please contact me if you wish to do so.
• Please do not share this product with your peers. Instead refer them to this website, TpT, or purchase multiple licenses at a discounted price.

If in doubt, please ask via the Q&A in TpT.

Clip Art Requests
Please make these via the Q&A in TpT.

Thank you - TimSensei

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