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Clip Art Terms of Use

Last updated: September 2022

Classroom use
• Please use the clip art to create wonderful items for use in your own classes.
• All the clip art vocabulary aligns with the songs, games and craft from The Magic Crayons.

Commercial use
• You may use the clip art to create commercial products for sale in Teachers Pay Teachers.
• It's not a requirement but I am more than happy to post links to your products in The Magic Crayons Blog or Pinterest pages

• You may not resell or give away in any form my clip art as is, or unflattened, in TpT, Etsy, stores, websites, blogs or similar.
• Others should not be able to copy the artwork from your products, blog, webpage, social media page or similar.
• Do not use to create flash cards or replicas of any other products The Magic Crayons see in Teachers Pay Teachers, Etsy, TimSensei, The Magic Crayons, Zazzle and so on.

• Not for physical products, such as mugs, phone cases, t-shirts, prints, books, brochures, teachers guides, curriculum, and so on without permission.
• Please do not share this product with your peers. Instead refer them Teachers Pay Teachers multiple use licenses may be purchased.

If in doubt, please contact The Magic Crayons via the Q&A in Teachers Pay Teachers.

Thank you

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