Best Bicycle Tools & Accessories Deals

Best Bicycle Tools & Accessories Deals

Amazon Prime 2024. My current kit list and tool kit for my Bianchi Infinitio. Click the links to see if these are on offer during the Amazon Prime Day Sales. Everything listed I would buy again, and indeed have already for myself or as gifts.



TOPEAK Modular Cage Black. Bought specifically to hold Japanese vending machine water bottles. As I recently increased my mileage I now have three of these - 2 on the frame plus 1 on the handlebars. Periodically check the tightening wingnut has not vibrated loose.

TOYMYTOY Bottle Cage Mount. So the bottel cage can be attached to the handlbars. Fits a great vareity of bar diameters.

SCHWALBE PRO ONE tire. Here's hoping they are in the Prime sale. Love these. Feels like the bike is on rails in summer and winter.

RAVEMEN FR160 Front Light. My third try at buying a front light. Delighted with this one as it happily flashes for an entire days ride. This is my see-me light. Bonus points for the name too. Also, it fits under my Wahoo computer. The computer mounts on top of this unit so I didn't need to attach yet another bracket to my handlebars.

ENFITNIX Bicycle Tail Light. Awesome. Am on my second one of these as I didn't clip the first one on securely enough. Super smart and flashes all day. Has built in motion detector

Favero Assioma DUO Black. Dual power meter pedals. Took me a long time to buying power meters and I wish I had done so before. Two main benefits. 1) I use to look at time over regular routes as a way of seeing improvement. However, one really windy day will result in a low time which is disheartening. With these meters irrespective of weather I can see improvement. 2) They stop me going off too fast at the beginning of a ride. I am now more confident that I can make it home. Likewise if I'm not trying hard enough read out on my Wahoo Elemnt will tell me.

Wahoo Cadence Meters. I made an intentional decision last year to increase my cadence. These were essential for that. 

Wahoo Elemnt. I don't use the map functions at all. I've either learned the route or use my iPhone. I principally use it to display all my bike data as I'm riding: Power, average power, heartrate, cadence, top speed, average speed. 

GORIX (B14) Top Tube Bag. For camera and iphone batteries.



Park Tool Chain Tool. There are cheaper alternatives available but check the shipping times.

Bike Hand Bicycle Chain Cutter Tool. Very robust. Worked great.

CXWXC Bicycle Maintenance Stand. Should have bought one years ago. Brings all those hard to fix or clean parts to any easy to reach height.

Showa Gloves [Oil Resistant]. Not cycling kit at all so are very reasonably priced. Really great protection for your skin while you clean your bike.

MUC-OFF Silicone Shine. I should use this more often. Puts a lovely finish over my clean bike and I swear smells mildly of strawberries. Not recommended for saddles. Not that aI slipped right off it or anything.

Muc-Off Bicycle Cleaner. I blast this all over the bike except for the chain and cassette.

A1-003 Bicycle Chain Degreaser. Not sure if this is Japan only brand but does a great job. 

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