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Wordle - Beautiful Info Graphic Word Clouds


Uses: Displaying text in a visually engaging form. 

The frequency of a word within a body of text dictates its size. In the above example I simply copied all the text from our Phonics Games page and it did the rest. I just chose the colour scheme. Very easy to use by teachers and students.

Settings: Font colors, background color, font (33 to choose from), language (i could remove all the Spanish words for example), layout (adjust the amount of words that are vertical, horizontal

It is browser based and requires Java to be running.

Getting the image from the application to this webpage proved to be fiddly though. In the end I printed / save as pdf to jpeg in downloads folder, then opened with preview and cropped it. It seems to prefer that you just print to paper. Taking a screen shot may have been faster, and it would look ok on screen 

I could spend hours just playing with it ! Highly recommended piece of software.

If you would like younger children to make these independently then I suggest abaya.com as they have something similar that is suitable or that age called word clouds.

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