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What to do after organising your Libraries Fiction by Genre

Organising your Libraries Fiction by genre - a complete guide from an IB school Teacher Librarian who successfully did so.

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Writing in progress

After organising fiction successfully by genre what next?

Part 8

The non-fiction, which is a whole other post which I won't be writing until Xmas, but it is going very well!

Part 7

Clear labelling of books within a genre that are in a series. Yes, the publisher sometimes does this clearly, but using standard labels for all our books has resulted in a jump of books being read that are in a series, either students returning to the author not having realised additional books were available or I'm guessing it my imply the author is a good one if they can write that many books?

There are a bazillion types of numbered stickers available. Multiple packets of numbers 1-5 will do fine for most if your collection. Had to buy higher numbers for prolific authors such as Rick Riordan and Terry Pratchet.

If you have any questions, feedback, or requests for additional photos please do so in the comments below.


Author: I am a Teacher Librarian from the UK working in Japan. I create all the artwork and videos for the teaching materials within this website. New products and special offers will be announced here first. Everything I post is about products or services that I have tried in my own classes.
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