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Preparation and resources required to organise a School Library by genre

Organising your Libraries Fiction by genre - a complete guide from an IB school Teacher Librarian who successfully did so.

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You're reading this. I'm impressed with your confidence. Well done.

Dedicated Genre Label Printer

Purchase a dedicated printer for the genre spine labels. I guess you could design the labels yourself and send them to a printers, but good luck trying to figure out how many you will need. Some books you will inevitably need to relabel in a few weeks time too.

Brother QL-720NW It is wireless so I can locate the printer anywhere, and all staff can print to it. It has an auto-cut feature which saves time. The model has been superseded by the...

Brother QL-810W Ultra-Fast Label Printer with Wireless Networking (newer model). It's a thermal printer so no printer ink costs.

Brother QL-700 High-speed, Professional Label Printer(without wireless, if the printer is going to be in one location and can be accessed via ethernet on your school network by all library staff)

A little expensive for printer? Maybe, but we use it everyday even with the fiction all relabelled as of course we get new books and I'm working on the non-fiction. Staff from other departments are also finding it useful for labelling laptops, staplers and other random objects. As a thank you to the English Teachers we made custom labels with their names on for their class copies of books. Students no longer "forget" to return those to teachers.

Printer labels

I bought a label roll label that is 29mm x 30m (metre). These are therefore book spine width, and only the height of the icon. This means that I only use the minimum of space on the book spine.

6 Rolls Brother-Compatible DK-2210 P-Touch 29mm x 30.8m


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