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How to export from iMovie into Windows 365 Video Channel

How to export from iMovie into Windows 365 Video Channel

Video files exported from iMovie cannot be exported directly from iMovie into a Windows 365 video channel. Although the files are great for Youtube, Windows 365 video is in early stages of development and at time of posting is not happy about the huge files that iMovie creates at all.

Step by step how-to guide for exporting from iMovie to a Windows 365 Video Channel

1. Complete your awesome movie. Click share and file

2. Export your movie. Choose the largest high quality settings available to you. Create a folder called Movies to convert, or similar. This will give you a nice high quality file to view later. You are going to convert this for 365 video.

4. At this point you have two options.

A: Transfer the exported movie file from your Mac to your Windows computer (via USB memory stick or OneDrive) and into Windows Movie Maker. Then export from there using the Windows 7 / iPhone export setting. The resultant file can then be uploaded into your 365 Movie channel.

B: Convert the file on your Mac using HandBrake, then upload into 365 Video. See below for the guide.

1. Download and install HandBrake for Mac.

HandBrake is a tool for converting video from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs.
  • Convert video from nearly any format
  • Free and Open Source
  • Multi-Platform (Windows, Mac and Linux)

2. Open up HandBrake and the Toggle Presets. Select Universal.

3. You are now going to create a preset for your 365 Video Channel exports. You will only need to do this once, and will speed things up next time around. The default value of 720 for the width is shown. Click on this until it reads 1280. By keeping the aspect ratio the height value will be 720, if you have recorded all your video with an iPhone.

4. Save these settings as a preset for future use.

5. The picture size values will appear automatically.

6. Your preset will appear in the list of presets.

5. Choose source - where your file is. Choose a destination - where you want the new file to go. Click start - to start ! You can add as many films to convert at once as you wish, adding each one to the queue. You can even add films while it it converting other movies.

6. There is a progress bar at the bottom that gives a approximate idea how of how long it will take to convert your movie.

7. Yay. Looks like your movie has been converted.

8. The original file I used for this guide was a 293.5MB mov file. It is now a 12MB .m4v file. Your IT department will like this new file seize, and you will be happy with the equality when viewed. Upload this exported video to your Windows 365 video channel. Windows 365 will automatically send you an email once it is uploaded and processed. You may notice some slight additional compression when you view your video. I find title text is not as crisp as I created. This is due to 365 additionally compressing the video. I have spent a whole afternoon uploading all sorts of videos and every setting I could think of and it makes no difference. The guide above will give you the best quality available until MS gets itself together. I have written to them, not just sat here moaning.

9. You are nearly done ! Windows 365 being what it is, will not automatically create a thumbnail for you, so you need to do that. Go back to iMovie, and put the cursor over an interesting part of the movie. Click share and image.

10. Goto your movie that is now in your channel. Select manage, then thumbnail.

11. Add a thumbnail.

12 And that's it ! Your video will appear in your channel with the thumbnail you chose.

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