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How to Export from iMovie on an iPhone to a Windows 365 Video Channel

Here's another common challenge for teachers. You've recorded awesome footage of your students on your iPhone as it was closest to hand at the time. Now you have to upload it to your schools Windows 365 Video Channel via your Windows laptop. I've pressed all the buttons, tried all the options, used a few bad words, and am now able to bring you this straightforward How-to guide.

1. Create your wonderful movie.

2. Tap the share button

Tap the share button

3. Tap save video

4. Tap HD 720

5. The iPhone exports the video to 720p to your Photos library

6. Connect your iPhone to your schools Windows laptop. This window will automatically appear. Click Open device to view files.

7. Create a folder within Videos for your iPhone movies and drag your video into that folder. Note that the file extension is .mov. Office 365 doesn't like this so much. Converting it to an .mp4 file will reduce the file size, increase upload time, and be easier to view by parents devices.

8. Open Windows Movie Maker and drag in your movie.

9. There is no need to any editing. Save the movie using the preset Windows 7 (720p). You may have a different menu depending on the version of Windows that you have, in which case ensure you export as an .mp4 file at 720p

10. The resultant video file is ready for uploading to your Windows 365 video channel.

All these screen shots are from an iPhone 6.

Note: I got excited about the OneNote option for sharing iPhone movies, but I kept getting a file is too large to send error. I was connected to a wireless network at the time. OneNote also complained it was over 50MB.

UPDATE: Although this all works, it seems that 365 Video is unable to generate a thumbnail view of the video. 365 Video really is not a good product at this time. Why no one at MS has even looked at a youtube channel is beyond me. Anyways... look for my How to upload to 365 video from iMovie with Handbrake post soon.

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