How to remove formatting when copying text from web pages using the program Text Wrangler
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How to remove formatting when copying text from web pages

When copying text from a web page into a document or webpage it brings with all the formatting, font size and colour information. Sometimes this is useful if you want it to look as is, in a pages or word document, but when pasting into your web page you do not want this.

To strip away all that unwanted information paste if first into  Text Wrangler from Bare Bones Software. It will appear in a trusty courier font. Copy and paste this into your web page or document and it will be displayed in the default settings for that page or document. Use the editing tools within RapidWeaver to format the text. Text Wrangler has a whole load of other mighty features for those that code. The only time I use that is for formatting posts in TpT.

It's a free App and I use it every time I am editing page content text for RapidWeaver. Essential item.

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