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Technology in the Classroom and Teacher Resources Blog

Technology in the Classroom and Teacher Resources Blog

How Speakers work - infographic

How speakers work and make noise
Thanks to Gizmodo for drawing my attention to this website. A beautifully effective animated info graphic. As a one time DJ and spender of late nights in front of sound systems I have naturally posted one of the speaker animagraffs. There are six more speaker animagrafs in that set, plus:
Beautiful, engaging, well designed, innovative and fresh. Yes... I am really impressed by these.
Hopefully there will be more soon. My classroom uses a projector in a room that has insufficient curtains, so content needs to be crisp. I will share these links with other teachers and hopefully they can be used in classrooms at some point.
If you want to download the 4 image set of speakers for a power point presentation it will be $200.

O’Neal, J. (2014). Licensing - Animagraffs. Retrieved from

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