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Technology in the Classroom and Teacher Resources Blog

Technology in the Classroom and Teacher Resources Blog

Help build Shelters and Schools in Uganda

Preschool in a local community just outside Kampala, the capital city. Photo: Edwin Gombya. You can follow the school at

Edwin Gombya - born in Uganda, raised in Britain and now lives and works in Japan as a teacher at an international school in Tokyo.
In 2015 my wife and I decided to save money for three years for a family trip to Africa and spend some time with our twin daughters in Uganda.
It took us three years to raise enough money for the trip and we spent a month there travelling, sightseeing and living among the locals.
On one of our expeditions, we were introduced to a lovely family that was living in really appalling conditions, in a shelter that is old, derelict, smelly and full of bat droppings and rats. It was crumbling and on the verge of collapse. They have no electricity or running water.

The Kitchen. Photo: Edwin Gombya

My wife and I are raising money to complete the construction of a brand new shelter a few meters from the current one. We are also supporting the construction and maintenance of a preschool in a local community just outside Kampala, the capital city. We were introduced to the headteacher who gave us a tour of the school, explained her vision and school objective.

Incomplete Shelter 2019. Photo: Edwin Gombya

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