Best Childrens Books of 2020

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Best Childrens Books of 2020

The best 100 childrens books of 2020
Every year over 60 IB International School Librarians in Japan gather to decide which of the best new (published within the last 24 months) books their students will read as part of the annual Sakura Medal Book Award.

The Categories

This list naturally lends itself to be a great selection of books for students and parents to read at home during the COVID-19 Outbreak

• All 2020 Nominees
Chapter Book
Graphic Novel
Middle School
High School
• Picture Book
Possibly unique to the International School context is student enthusiasm for books set in locations their parents are from.
For the 2019 and 2020 Sakura Book Award Nominations the setting of a book can also be search. It is not comprehensive as it relies on the blurb and personal knowledge, but it is a great starting point.
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