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I am a Teacher from the UK working in Japanese IB Schools - Kindergarten Teacher, Elementary Teacher, Middle School Design / ICT Teacher, Librarian. I created this website, all the artwork, videos and teaching materials within this website, Teachers Pay Teachers, YouTube, and Etsy.



From the author of The Magic Crayons Blog a Design, Technology and Computing Resources for the IB Flipboard.
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New 3D Printed Food Restaurant opens in Tokyo

A truly incredible glimpse into the culinary future. Visit this soon to open Tokyo Restaurant featuring 3D printed foods from around the world
Just like a music website you can upload, download and share food data
Pixel Food Printer
Flavours and textures can be reproduced at 5mm, 3mm and 1mm resolutions
Sushi Teleportation
Just like a music website you can upload, download and share food data
Social Food Network Service
Stack layers of textures and tastes. App provides Todays Recommendations and Chef Ranking
What will the digitalisation of food lead to?
• 2020 World’s first data food restaurant opens in Tokyo
• 2023 Service starts in hospitals and nursing facilities…
• 2060 Zero hunger? Establishment of new food transport system

Amazon Food Printers

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