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This Blog - Mr Tim

Currently I am a Teacher from the UK working in Japanese IB Schools More…

Flipboard - Mr Tim

Mr Tim is also the author a Design, Technology and Computing Resources for the IB Flipboard. Please follow for general interest, or specifically if you are teaching are studying MYP Design, Art, or Computing.

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Halloween storytime and songs lesson plan with the letter W

Whiskers & Wings by Leah & Mollie on their blog Sunflower Storytime. They both work in libraries and love youth services, so I have made a note myself to visit their site again when I need book suggestions.

They have many recommended songs, rhymes, stories, books, library designs and displays. Highlights of their Halloween and the letter 'W' are featured below because they open with our wonderful Days Of The Week Song !

Blog: Sunflower Storytime

Post: Whiskers and Wings

OPENING SONG: Days of the Week (mp3) by the Magic Crayons
FINGERPLAY: Two Little Black Bats
NONFICTION: Furry Fliers of the Night (Ipad App) OR National Geographic Readers Bats! (Book)
FLANNEL SONG: Bats in My Belfry (mp3) by Count von Count
BOOK 1: Moonlight, the Halloween Cat by Cynthia Rylant
ACTION SONG: I’ve Got a Black Cat On My Knee
DIGITAL STORY: Scruffy Kitty
CLOSING SONG: Shake My Sillies Out by Raffi
BOOK: Bats – Shadows in the Night by Diane Ackerman
BOOK: Kitten’s First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes
BOARD BOOK: Five Black Cats by Patricia Hegarty
BOOK: Scaredy-Cat, Splat! by Rob Scotton
RHYME: Five Batty Bats
RHYME: Five Little Bats Hanging Upside Down
RHYME: Five Little Bats
Thank you Leah and Mollie

How to let students safely look for photos on the internet

This could be mighty useful. I am in the habit of turning off the projector or turning my laptop away from students when I am looking for an image, but one day I might forget. Photos For Class is an attempt to save Teachers from all that stress plus allows students to safely look for images themselves.

It was created by the people behind StoryBoard That, an online storyboard creator, which I definitely need to look at another time. The images are sourced from flickr, with high safety settings. Photos For Class then apply their own filters, and even check the most popular images.

It will search for …

Prezi - Presentation Software for Teachers and Older Students

Uses: Classroom and school presentations. At first look, it looks incredible. Slick and whizzy, a real head turner in presentations... so I signed up to see what could be done.

Description: Motion - Captivate your audience by zooming through your story. Collaborate - Build presentations with coworkers wherever, whenever. Meaningful - Visually explain how new ideas relate to each other. Personalize - Use images and videos to enhance your presentation.

Create Infographics with

Uses: Eye catching and easy to create info-graphics for educators and students.
Price is free, until you want access to extra clip art and other features I've not looked at yet. Price of upgrade $3. Works in your browser.
Description: At times as an instructor, it is necessary to display information in creative ways. For instance, a teacher can document factual information through infographics. is a tool that can be used to to create infographics. This technology tool allows an instructor to add pictures and symbols as well as graphs and charts to present information in a bright and colorful format.
My thoughts: I like this. So lets throw the manual to one side and check it out !
Sample project 1: A visualization of my teaching experience in Japan (embedded via easily).

The Flipped Classroom: Which Tech Tools Are Right For You?

Fantastic. This video from Edutopia's YouTube Channel.
Edutopia is dedicated to improving the K-12 learning process through innovative, replicable, and evidence-based strategies that prepare students to thrive in their studies, careers, and adult lives.
The video asks: Which is the best tool or tools to use?
Answer: Ultimately it depends on you. What technology are you comfortable with. What do you actually have. That's the tool that can be best for you.
I watched the following videos too.
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