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I am a Teacher from the UK working in Japanese IB Schools - Kindergarten Teacher, Elementary Teacher, Middle School Design / ICT Teacher, Librarian. I created this website, all the artwork, videos and teaching materials within this website, Teachers Pay Teachers, YouTube, and Etsy.



From the author of The Magic Crayons Blog a Design, Technology and Computing Resources for the IB Flipboard.
Follow for general interest, or specifically if you are teaching are studying MYP Design or Art.

Queensland Government, Australia - Department of Education and Training

In the first of hopefully some interesting posts is this ICT - Policies category is from the Queensland Government, Australia - Department of Education and Training.
A comprehensive and well developed site.
Smart Classrooms is a comprehensive strategy for digital education in Queensland state schools.
The key to the strategy is that it is student-centric; recognising the demand, from both students and their parents, for seamless movement between learning at school, home, work and play.
Smart Classrooms provides direction for harnessing the learning and business potential of ICT now and into the future.
Areas of interest that require further reading by myself a

Mobile Pedagogy for English Language Teaching: A Guide for Teachers

Dear blog readers,
I have just begun reading the above paper that was published just this week. Already just a few pages in it has provided much food for thought and as such I can already recommend you give it your consideration.
I am reading this paper because:
  • I am interested in how technology can be integrated into the classroom.
  • My school has begun to use flipped classrooms and I wonder what technologies can be integrated into that initiative.
  • I work with K2-G2 students. What digital tools can help me with preparation, production, and presentation of lessons.
  • I have seen many examples of software that is labelled as educational, yet the emphasis seems to be, at face value, on entertainment. Where to find…

The Flipped Classroom Explained

From the video: With the teacher at the front and seats in rows, the classroom has barely changed in the last century. But, we now know that there's no "one size fits all" approach to learning -- and the flipped classroom model brings together advances in education and technology to provide a personalized, engaging learning experience for every student -- whatever their learning style, pace, or ability.
My thoughts...
I've used this approach a few times in the past without realising it was…
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