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Tips for Taking Photos of Products for your Teachers Pay Teachers Store


As the video / IT / web guy at my school I get asked this quite a bit - Any Tips for Taking Photos of Products?

Firstly, you’ll be happy to know you can easily improve the quality of your photos with a little effort rather than a large expense.

The camera on your phone is just fine :-) smart phone cameras are remarkably good.

Turn off the flash for more even lighting. Turn up the brightness of the screen (I have mine turned down during the day to conserve batter), and connect to a mains power supply so that the phone doesn’t go suddenly flat mid-shoot.

A tripod that keeps your camera steady is a must. You can get a small adjustable grip that then will hold your camera for a few dollars. Use the self-timer on your phone so there is no camera shake while pressing the shutter

Lighting: choose a sunny day, set an empty table with a white sheet or paper across it so it gets indirect light. A thin curtain over the window that diffuses the light will give nice even lighting.

To crop your images and remove the background (easy to do as it is on the one colour sheet) use Photoshop Elements. It has all the features of the full photoshop you need but without the monthly fees. It also has “save as for web" feature that will keep your photos high quality but the files sizes of your products down. Photoshop Elements is sometimes bundled with Premier Elements if you need some high-end video editing software, although I’d recommend iMovie or Filmora if you are new to editing.

And most importantly…

Back up. Everything. Your hard drive will fail one day. Look to get an external hard drive that’s about 2-3 times the size of your drive

All the photography and video gear I use for producing the items in my Teachers Pay Teachers store and The Magic Crayons YouTube Channel can be found on my Kit page here.

I hope this helps. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you


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English clothing song for Kids. My shirt, jacket, socks, shoes

Our most popular song ! The Clothing Song by The Magic Crayons.

It's the beginning of the school year for many kindergarten and pre-school teachers around the world, and songs don't much better than this for introducing clothing vocabulary to students. As you may have noted from the video we are based in Japan and teach English as an additional language to students in Kindergartens here.

It is a great song and students can take part even from their first time of hearing it with you. You can find the lyrics or download the song from our clothes songs page, Teachers Pay Teachers, iTunes or Amazon. It is one of 16 great songs on our Robots And Rainbows album available to download or on CD. We offer very nice discounts on purchases of two or more CDs, and many teachers and schools worldwide sell these to students for additional students support plus of course a little something financially for your self too. Please contact Tim for full details. Additionally, we have clothing games and clothing flash cards to accompany this song. If you wish to make your own work sheets or activities we have clothing clip art too. Everything within this website has been tried, tested, and improved in our own classes before making it available to you...

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