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Technology in the classroom and teacher resources blog

QCAA - Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority

QCAA pinterest

The QCAA now have their own pinterest pages. The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority provides Kindergarten to Year 12 syllabuses, guidelines, assessment, reporting and certification for schools. There are some 70 boards and 5,000 at time of posting. All subjects, by grade level from Kindergarten and prep, up to year 10.

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Science...
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Using Technology with Classroom Instruction That Works

Book - Using technology in the classroom

Amazon: Using Technology with Classroom Instruction That Works, 2nd Edition

Publisher: ASCD - Learn, teach, lead

This looks very interesting. Have you read this?

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ICT Evangelist

Education Evangelist

Education Evangelist - by Mark Anderson

Mark is an award winning education technology expert, keynote speaker and independent consultant, a passionate advocate for the purposeful use of technology. He led the teaching and learning and delivery on one of the world’s biggest 1:1 rollouts at Clevedon School which has led to him working with schools all over the world. Mark is the author of the best selling ‘Perfect ICT Every Lesson’. With two decades of classroom experience, he knows the power and importance of student voice in developing sound practice having co-founded the Digital Leader Network in the UK. Mark is also an Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Certified Teacher and expert in mobile learning.

A fascinating site that I will revisit soon. These posts in particular caught my attention and are recommended reading.

  • SAMR flow chart based upon Ruben Puentedura’s work as a tool for helping with decision making related to planning lessons using technology.
  • TPACK - Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge
  • Digital Parenting with link to guidelines for different ages from Vodafone
  • He has a number of publications listed below that I can see filling my summer vacation reading slot. Read more >>>

    Queensland Government, Australia - Department of Education and Training

    Department of Education and Training

    In the first of hopefully some interesting posts is this ICT - Policies category is from the Queensland Government, Australia - Department of Education and Training.

    A comprehensive and well developed site.

    Smart Classrooms is a comprehensive strategy for digital education in Queensland state schools.

    The key to the strategy is that it is student-centric; recognising the demand, from both students and their parents, for seamless movement between learning at school, home, work and play.

    Smart Classrooms provides direction for harnessing the learning and business potential of ICT now and into the future.

    Areas of interest that require further reading by myself are ...

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    Government Educational Policies and Initiatives on Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

    Part of my ongoing research into technology use in the classroom, particularly at an English speaking International School in Tokyo. In a nutshell this category (ICT - Policies) will provide links to:

    • Policies that are in place by Government Departments of Education.
    • ICT Expectations and Standards
    • Training
    • Showcases

    Mobile Pedagogy for English Language Teaching: A Guide for Teachers

    Mobile Pedagogy for English Language Teaching


    I have just begun reading the above paper that was published just this week. Already just a few pages in it has provided much food for thought and as such I can already recommend you give it your consideration.

    I am reading this paper because:

    • I am interested in how technology can be integrated into the classroom.
    • My school has begun to use flipped classrooms and I wonder what technologies can be integrated into that initiative.
    • I work with K2-G2 students. What digital tools can help me with preparation, production, and presentation of lessons.
    • I have seen many examples of software that is labelled as educational, yet the emphasis seems to be, at face value, on entertainment. Where to find objective recommendations from experienced educators.
    • My school just purchased a small number of tablets on a trial basis. Can I make any software and pedagogic recommendations to teachers, hardware recommendations to IT staff, and costs vs academic return figures to the school.
    • More...
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    Strategies For Building A Web 2.0 Learning Environments

    Tu, C. -H. (2014). Strategies for building a Web 2.0 learning environment. Libraries Unlimited.

    ISBN-13: 978-1598846867

    (Full post contains a comprehensive list of software for teachers)

    I read book this because:

    • I am interested in how technology can be integrated into the classroom.
    • My school has begun to use flipped classrooms and I wonder what technologies can be integrated into that initiative.
    • It was listed in my schools professional development section.
    • I built and maintain The Magic Crayons website you are viewing. Among fellow Teacher Pay Teachers contributors a blog is the preferred promotional tool. How best to do this.
    • I installed new blogging software into this site and want to know how best to integrate it as a information source and promotional tool.
    • I’d like to integrate technology in a way that interests me and benefits students at kindergarten and elementary level. How can this be done.
    • My current web design philosophy is to use external sites to drive traffic to my website where I can then monetize it directly or indirectly. I am looking for hard data that may confirm that to be the best approach, or suggest alternatives.

    About this post

    Through out the book there are numerous suggested online resources. I’ve listed all I visited here, so feel to book mark this page rather than having to type them all in as I did. I also added my own resource links that I use in the creation of this and other websites, plus further links to practical use examples.

    Please add any links I have missed or those you would like to share in the comments. Thank you - Tim Sensei

    Tu, C. -H. (2014). Strategies for building a Web 2.0 learning environment. Libraries Unlimited.

    ISBN-13: 978-1598846867

    If time is limited for you, the stand out finds for me within this book so far are:

    • easelly - I am now using this for real projects.
    • Wordle - I have been looking how to create this style of graphics for long time.
    • Prezi - I have signed up and embedded a quick test project. I am now looking for a project in which to use this.
    • Voicethread - this looks looks really beneficial for upper elementary students and above at my school. I need to read further.
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    Let’s eat Grandma! How to use, and not use the comma

    Lets eat grandma

    A light hearted and informative piece on the use of commas in this weeks Guardian.

    Resource: For Who the Bell Tolls: the essential and entertaining guide to grammar, by David Marsh

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