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The best App I use for recording 4K and widescreen movies on my iPhone

filmicpro video app

FiLMiCPro for control over settings. Love this - Tim

I tried a number of other video Apps before this one, as I thought it was too expensive. It is actually remarkable value for money if you are serious about recording video on your iPhone.

Features included that I find invaluable are
  • Variable frame rates up to 240fps on newest devices
  • Full manual control over focus, exposure, ISO, shutter speed, tint and color temperature
  • Audio meters
  • Thirds guide
  • Aspect ratio overlays
  • Audio gain control
Other resolutions and aspect ratios include...
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How to make green screen videos in Windows

Apple’s iMovie has a fantastic green screen feature built right in and is beautifully simple to use. I spent days trying to find video editing software that was even remotely comparable to install on my school Windows laptop. To save you the job, there just isn’t one.

But I want green screen stuff I hear you cry. Yes, me too. So...

There are video programs for Windows that do offer green screen functionality but their user interface is such a mess it negates any positives buying it would bring. Costs for those are generally $50 upwards as green screen is considered more of a pro feature. If you are used to the intuitive simplicity of iMovie then installing a whole new video editor that sucks anyway is going to be no fun at all.

Determined to find a solution, as my students love the tricks we can do with green screen, I went through all the green screen Apps in the apple store to find one that was quick and simple to use on my iPhone. The plan being to import that movie into my school laptop.

I did initially go through all the free versions but almost all provided no way of saving or exporting the videos without the in-app purchase. I’m sorry develoers but if your free demo doesn’t work I’m not going for the paid version. Chroma Key Studio Pro - Green, Blue & Pink Screen by iDevMobile Tec on the other hand is a delight to use and is just $2.99 from the app store. It's a universal App so works just fine on iPad too. Especially great value considering I was prepared to buy a $50+ video editing package just for windows just for that one feature.

Chroma Key Studio Pro

It needs a little bit of planning to get great results, but in a nutshell:

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How to animate and lipsync in Photoshop or Illustrator

Am always looking for ways to create animated videos for The Magic Crayons songs. Looks like it is in early stages but I'll give it a go next summer vacation *sighs*. It is part of AfterEffects CC Please leave any links to examples you think I should look at in the comments below. Thank you - Tim

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APA Referencing App - RefMe

RefMe APA referencing App

One bind when writing assignments for PD is the joyful amount of time spent on APA referencing. There is a full write up on tech crunch, but basically RefMe is crowd sourced referencing. I've an assignment or two to do this year so I'll try it out. If you have used successfully any of the other referencing Apps and can recommend one, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you - Tim.

Their website:

refME citations App for iPhone

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Apps for making flipped classroom videos

Apps for making flipped classroom videos

I attended a wonderful PD session over the weekend. Explain Everything came recommended for use by teachers and students.

For making flipped classroom videos it seemed a breeze. It doesn't have the interactive quizzes found in PowerPoints Mix, but I can just export the completed movie into that.

For students we were shown some great classroom examples. I'll write up more later. The video below shows the potential.

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How to remove formatting when copying text from web pages

How to remove text formatting

When copying text from a web page into a document or webpage it brings with all the formatting, font size and colour information. Sometimes this is useful if you want it to look as is, in a pages or word document, but when pasting into your web page you do not want this.

To strip away all that unwanted information paste if first into Text Wrangler from Bare Bones Software. It will appear in a trusty courier font. Copy and paste this into your web page or document and 

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How to easily add photos of student work to PowerPoint

How to easily add photos of student work to PowerPoint

What! What? Microsoft products in Tim's blog?? Yes, yes, it's true. Office Lens was released last week for iOS and is going to save you a ridiculous amount of time. It's been around on Windows and Android for a while.

So yes ! This is going to save you so much time making e-portfolios, editing photos of your students for a blog, and taking pictures of their work to put into documents by..

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Blogger - Free blogging platform for Teachers Pay Teachers Sellers

Free blogging software for teachers - Blogger

Use: Fantastic free blogging service, ideal as a hassle free website for Teachers Pay Teachers sellers

Description: Create a beautiful blog that fits your style. Choose from easy-to-use templates with flexible layouts and hundreds of background images, or edit your blog’s CSS and HTML to create something entirely unique. If you’re using your blog for a brand or business, you can create a custom domain that’s easy for people to find and follow.

One of my blogger websites from my time at Knock Knock English / Super Simple Learning. I have embedded the blogger blog into my own website. I can update it from within my website design software, or by emailing a post to blogger email address specific to that site. This was my blogging platform of choice before hosting it all myself. If I was starting over I would...

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Mobile Pedagogy for English Language Teaching: Sources of ELT Apps

In the previous 2 posts I listed the suggest apps from the Mobile Pedagogy for English Language Teaching: A Guide for Teachers.

Below are some links to further sources of ELT apps. i would recommend reading the above article.

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Mobile Pedagogy for English Language Teaching: British Council Apps

British Council ELT Apps.

These apps were recommended in a previous post Mobile Pedagogy for English Language Teaching: A Guide for Teachers. I would love to hear from you if you have any first hand classroom experience of using these. I will try my best at some point, but it's an epic task to test every thing.

iPhone:  LearnEnglish Grammar (UK Edition) - British Council
iPad:  LearnEnglish Grammar (UK Edition) - British Council
iPhone:  LearnEnglish Grammar (US Edition) - British Council
iPad:  LearnEnglish Grammar (US Edition) - British Council
iPad:  LearnEnglish Sports World - British Council
iPhone:  LearnEnglish for Taxi Drivers - British Council
iPad:  LearnEnglish for Taxi Drivers - British Council
iPad:  LearnEnglish Kids: Phonics Stories - British Council
iPad:  LearnEnglish Kids: Phonics Stories (School Edition) - British Council
iPhone:  MyWordBook 2 - British Council
iPad:  MyWordBook 2 - British Council
iPhone:  Premier Skills International - British Council
ipad: Sounds Right - British Council

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