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Uses: Eye catching and easy to create  info-graphics for educators and students.

Price is free, until you want access to extra clip art and other features I've not looked at yet. Price of upgrade $3. Works in your browser.

Description: At times as an instructor, it is necessary to display information in creative ways. For instance, a teacher can document factual information through infographics. is a tool that can be used to to create infographics. This technology tool allows an instructor to add pictures and symbols as well as graphs and charts to present information in a bright and colorful format.

My thoughts: I like this. So lets throw the manual to one side and check it out !

Sample project 1: A visualization of my teaching experience in Japan (embedded via easily).


Time to complete what you see here: Minutes. Chose a template from the pInterest style browser, typed in schools, done.

Sample project 2: Test info graphic about the weather with my clip art.

Sample project 3: Venn diagrams. Is teaching for you?. Drag and drop, then reposted in pInterest to see if it generates traffic. Update: Yes, it did ! I'll use this technique again.

Sample project 4Behavior management - Cool Down Cubes. This time around the traffic from pInterest was fantastic. The vertical nature of the graphic really catches the eye in pInterest. The content is great, although it is an adaptation of an idea I saw see where (credit given).

Update: April 13, 2015. is now available on the iPad - Free infographics App

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