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Last year in my K3 class we divided the students into 4 separate groups - autumn, spring, winter and summer. So they could find out where to sit I printed a season theme image and sellotaped it to the table. This looked great for the first few weeks. After that however the children started picking at the tape, food got under it, it became generally dirty and tacky looking. Before lunch we wipe the tables but the label would not be clean. 

This year I tried using small baskets as pencil boxes with a label for each season on each one. These did not last. Some children have picked at the graphics, and they have become very gray overall from sharpening pencils. I’ve been looking for an alternative since then and I came across the following idea on the Easy Peezie Lemon Squeeze Blog. Full details on the blog, but essentially it is a balloon with the centre name attached to the basket. It hangs from the ceiling so the little ones cannot get their dirty fingers on it. In each basket is a cute fluffy toy. Our tables don’t move around so much, so hopefully I am not going to bang my head on them all the time.

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